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A collection of songs about home: our longings, disappointments and celebrations.


released February 3, 2015

recorded, mixed and mastered by Greg



all rights reserved


Greg Willson Manchester, UK

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Track Name: Come Out
I walk this world in pain
Craving something bring me back again
But I steal away. Oh, I’m
Living in my cave
Or am I dying in my own grave
I cover up in shame

Come out, come out wherever you are
No more hide and seek

Our stories are not all told
It’s the telling that makes us bold
But it’s safer to withhold. And I’m
Singing of lament
And hearing one sound that won’t relent
Its a song that I have dreamt, and it goes

The rain upon this place
Is life leaving its trace
Fills the loss that it replaced, and my
Hands come off my face
I’m rid of all my disgrace
The light is my embrace, and I’m

Life, it takes all
Track Name: I With You, You With Me
I look in my heart
What monsters we are
The horrors we’ve wrought
And many more I’ve thought

But I am with you and you with me

I will not send you
Into that darkness alone

It’s a wonder that good exists
Within the stones and sticks
We throw them when light persists
We bring death through emptiness
Track Name: You're Gone and I'm Not
Lights on in our room
Just the way you left it
And they stay burning brightly
Since the day you left me

Empty closets full of stuff
No more dropping off or picking up
Waking up to alarms, not your touch
And the lights stay on

You're gone, and you're gone, and I'm not

The alarm wakes me up
Not your morning touch
Empty closets full of stuff
The abundance mocks me

I long for a home
but I'm not homeless
I lay here all alone
in a bed too big for one

The lies we believe
Fuels the lives we lead
But you're not coming back
From your grave in the ground

I know you couldn't help it
I know you couldn't change a thing
But I have a hope that's hopeless
And I can't change a thing

The end of war is peace
But the future looks bleak
I hear one day all suffering will cease
But until then…
Track Name: To Those Wandering
We’re all crippled darkened souls
Trying to find something that works
And we hold on to it tight
Even if it’s not something that works

We are used up and are beat up
Can we find our way again
To the place far away
From abuse outside and within

We all want to find our way home

The dreams we have they mock us
They throw sand in our eyes
Did we escape to the desert
Only so they could watch us die?

There is a hope to redeem
To what was or what could have been
I can’t buy it’s a lie
This whole life that we live

To our chains
Don’t look back
Oh look on
To the hope we have

Don’t look back
To the chains
That we all
Used to have

But look on
To the hope
That will be
Our promised land
Track Name: The Great Hill
I walked up the great hill
I was still and silent there
I heard the birds sing
Felt the longing for a home

Sounds became deafening
Did not want it to stop
Though it hurt inside
And made my fears alive
There is a sense of life I'm striving for

And in the end
I don't want regrets to win
There is a voice calling
To a place of definition

And in this road of suffering
And despair and hope and longing
I fell it deep within
I know it's you calling me

I don't want regrets to win
Track Name: The Weakness in Men
The breeze moves slowly through the trees
I think of you and your mystery
I am left with empty dignity

Hearing tales told of the world
And the weakness in men who are often bold
Some things just can't be bought and sold

Emptiness now, you're my friend
Take your place now, til the end

It's a much deeper place that we all face
And the weight inside, oh it spurs our haste
But speed has not the power to erase

Nothing comes clean that is bound with string
Unless there is an unraveling
Then you will see all that I have seen
Heaven and earth and all that's in between

Then you will see all that I have seen
Heaven and earth and all that's in between
Track Name: Leads Me To You
Walking this town, where do my feet lead me?
They lead me to you, lead me to you
I follow the sound down to the North Sea
It leads me to you, leads me to you

My heart's let me down
My body is grounded for now
But still you're around
Lead me to you

Kicking my legs to the beacon that calls me
It leads me to you, leads me to you
my limbs are so cold, my weak soul agrees
Oh I pray, lead me to you, lead me to you

My heart's let me down
My body is drowning soundly
But still you're around
Lead me to you

My fears will be roused, were they just sleeping
They lead me to you, lead me to you
When I am held up, I know I don't hold up
It leads me to you, leads me to you

My heart's let me down
It took on the water and drowned
My body has found
It's hope is high, but still it is bound
And yet more profound:
It leads me to you
Track Name: High and Low
I slapped the face of the one who kissed me
I said I'm sorry but I lied

Empty hopes, oh I'm still left hungry
You said you loved me and you lied

My appetite is like a fig tree
Cursed and set free from its life

It slowly fades and now it haunts me
Telling what would be so I lie

We all get robbed
Everything gets stolen
We all grow up
Everything a burden

This drive inside is a wild escapee
Swinging idly at the sky

I let him roam this barren country
So why is it me with the black eye?

The search for what cannot be broken
Lost or taken consumes my time

It must exist and the proof rests within
All that's broken in our cries

I search high and low
Track Name: I Know Moonrise
I know moonrise
I know star rise
I walk in the moonlight
I walk in the starlight

And lay this body down

I walk in the graveyard
I walk in the graveyard
I lie in the grave
And stretch out my arms

And lay this body down

I go to the judgment
In the evening of the day
And my soul and your soul
Will meet in that day

To lay this body down
Track Name: One Day, Home
Wheels turning as i drive
Caught under blue skies
Landscape comes into view
Light gleams in and all is new

One day, home

Green trees pass me by
Though I'm sitting still
The difference between
What I see and what i feel

They say home is where the heart is
But mine's subdivided
On either side I find
Where I've left and where I'm going

I don't always know where I am
and I'm not always sure the way
but I'm wandering to the home
where I've never been

I've got no place to go now
But I'm not meant to stay
Driving further down the road
And the familiar fades away

One day, home